Founded in 2019, EXT Photo Magazine was inspired by the vibrant passion shared by thousands of photographers in the famous Internet site GuruShots. Far from the bustling competitive atmosphere the platform may generate, photo lovers got to know each other, shared thoughts, concepts, techniques and, why not, friendship.

Now, some of the best artists from all over the world can be seen on our online magazine every three months as a way to promote and celebrate those who are in constant seek to personal and professional improvement. Not only that, but we also hope to be a venue where the photography community can look upon to be in constant inspiring awe.

Our Team

We are a small group of photography and publishing lovers with a journalism background and different jobs. We proudly dedicate some of our time to EXT. We are honoured to contact artists and bring together a wide sample of what we believe can be the best to inspire our community in the art of photography.

Marco Antonio Perna - Editor

Flavio Souza Cruz - Journalist

Andy Fowlie - Photographer

Ricardo Q.T. Rodrigues - Cultural Coordinator

Micha Ende - Photographer


Hotel Pousada Muxarabi

Estrada da Embratel 3100 - Extrema - Minas Gerais - Brazil

Charming mountain hotel located within a forest reserve at 1400 m above sea level, in an area with more than 1000 000 m² of Atlantic Forest. The hotel has four types of units that spread through a large green area, cut by streams and waterfalls, with a beautiful view of the Jaguari valley, all with their particularity and decorated with much charm and refinement.

The hotel has a Forest Reserve established in original Atlantic Forest lands with an extension of approximately 300 000 m2 created for the preservation of a species of ape threatened with extinction that is called sauá.

Tipuana Art Gallery is an area immersed in nature and intended to exhibitions of the most diverse artistic manifestations and surrounded by Tipuanas trees where on the third floor we have Sunset Café, ideal place for a good chat and all fellow photographers are invited.

The Ópera Restaurant is surrounded by greenery and it is in direct contact with the exuberant nature of the Sauá Forest Reserve, located in the highlands of the Serra do Lopo. The menu features new dishes such as Tilapia in Shrimp Sauce and the return of classics such as the Honey Mustard Salmon Trout and the famous Caramel Web Coconut made by Chef Olgierd Ligieza Stamirowski. It offers a pleasant and tasteful atmosphere and its gourmet dishes consist of an explosion of flavors. The meals in our restaurant are considered an opportunity for people to live together and a form of culture and leisure that is part of the whole of one's life.

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